Our Story

Trilomorpha is Artist Owned and Operated

Growing up, I found a love for all things dinosaur related. I was most definitely a "dinosaur kid".. But, I never seemed to grow out of it!

As I grew older I found myself always searching for something that I couldn't find- Dinosaur and Paleontology inspired clothes that were accurate, stylish, and comfortable.

In my searching over the years the only things I could find were movie merchandise, depictions that were not super accurate or realistic, or more cartoon style paleontological shirts.

The vision I had in my head I just could not seem to find. Then I realized:
Hey! I can make this happen!

So then it began, already having a number of paleontological illustrations, I began to perfect a specific style to use in streetwear clothes.

Every single design at TRILOMORPHA is created with accuracy, quality, and my love for dinosaurs in mind.

When you purchase from my shop, you are supporting a growing artist that has a huge vision for their brand. I hope to one day be able to make Trilomorpha my legacy :)

In the future I hope to have my designs featured in brick and mortar locations, and expand with collaborations from many different artists.

I am always down for a chat about what I do, or to just talk about your favorite dinosaurs. Mine is a Parasaurolophus :) Feel free to reach out to me directly on Instagram, @TRILOMORPHA

Thank you for reading and for supporting me the past year :) - Haley, Owner and Illustrator